Skill techniques

26 (b) Well Bandung Backling is an interactive decision-making argument that is not a human game, since our behaviour will affect the response and decision-making of the parties. We want to benefit more in a tangible or intangible negotiating table, and you argue that the practices that I have claimed, won are not justified and cannot be achieved, and we know the idea and behaviour of the parties and find a reasonable strategy in a complex situation. Boosting: more than 86 chewing techniques in the negotiations have been developed in a well-designed, understandable manner, in the context of life-threatening cases, helping reader friends to understand basic chematics, as well as a simple and practical trajectory strategy, allowing the reader to learn to think and make sound decision-making. •
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this book contains the following 86 chek techniques, helping you to gain greater benefits and dignity in negotiating trajections, facilitating you’s ability to complement their knowledge without cumbersome formulas and mathematical knowledge, and life-breaking techniques, and helping you to build your minds and minds in mindsets, and building on your skills, and helping to build your minds and minds and minds and minds and minds of the best interests of the people