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27 None Because it is a place where nature is rich and drives, I will go to Nikko again on a good day. I have earned about 20 million in slots since I was a student. I have a talent, but I don’t have been blessed with the environment. It is a level to go to the second high school with a strong academic ability, born in a normal household. It was famous for people who can not work in byte. Due to slots taken by the seniors of the byte, all 1.5 million savings may be dissolved in slots. I met such a thing as expected value uptime, and I managed to achieve more than 200,000 yen. In the course of learning the expected value uptime, I learned how to find a wintable in the shop, how to calculate the losetable, how to create the setting 6, how to make the result, and so on. We believe that even if you are a slot beginner, if you study and grow correctly, you will be able to continue to win the 100,000ths per month. And if you grow a person who is suffering money like me in the old days, you can buy things that you want with money, eat things that you like with money, buy things that you want with money, give gifts, etc. If you can spend a little money that you can enjoy your life, you will be able to enjoy your life once. From the beliefs of the game, I tried to summarize the know-how in the textbook of “three-part” whether I ran from 1.5 million loss to the current winning group. We are only available in Melmaga. Since there are many illustrations, you can read about 20 minutes, so please read if you are interested. \DL number exceeded 5000 people! / “Patislot beginners will be able to receive a message by entering the e-mail address to see the impression of the reader who read the textbook that reads the textbook “the textbook to win the month 100,000”. To the model article of “Ago” that searches slot information by model name, to the model article of “Ago” to the model article of “Ago” to the model article of “Ago” to the model article of “Ago” to the model article of “Ago” to the model article of “Ago” to the model of “Ago” to the model article of “Ago” to the model article of “Ago”? yuberu yuberu pachislo wins 式ation The mind to make money from today’s slots from today’s importance 2022/6/12 yuberu yuberu pachislo wins !!!ation loses the mind slot to win the silence! 2022/6/16 yuberu What is the reason to become a mind “pro” stalker to win the pachislot 式ation of Yuberu? On March 31, 2021 yuberu Let’s have a ambition. 2022年7月27日yuberu yuberu’s pachislo win 式ation The mind to win the 式ation is not possible yet to live [the first is not possible] 2022年6月3日yuberu yuberu’s pachislo win 式ation is buying a mind time to win 式ation. yuberu yuberu pachislo win 式ation to win the mind “slot can be successful by anyone” talks the truth of the truth of the “slot can be successful by anyone” on April 15, 2022 yuberu