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27 Kinsora Information Bureau Privacy Policy Sister Site “On-Kazi White Paper” Notation Slots based on the Specified Commercial Transaction Act-2019 “N ” Slopro’s Merit 3 kinnsorainfo&。sp; July 22, 2019, Kinsola (^ω^ ) In this article, I would like to write 3 things that I thought was good! Finally, you can make money that doesn’t have enough communication skills even if you don’t have knowledge. Even if you don’t have knowledge, you can win? There are some people who think that you want to win in the slot, such as the knowledge of the pedestal, or what you need. Now, you can purchase information etc. on your smartphone, so you do not need to know about the table. Kinsora also examined the expectations of the ceiling on a smartphone, so it is not a lot of knowledge of the slot itself _:( ́Photo` ̶):I often say that people who become a social person can learn about the work, but Slopro is just the minimum necessary thing. Personally, it is necessary for people who are obsessed than knowledge (^∀^) (laughs if you want to raise income such as setting targets and shop habits) Slopro who does not have communication skills is not necessary to do anything alone (。ing military groups). If you become a social person, I think that communication skills are necessary, such as drinking party with the boss, entertainment, conversation with colleagues, etc. However, because there are many cute children such as coffee girl and pachinko shop female clerk, it may be better to talk positively. LOL (I didn’t speak) You can make money with a slot when you put it easy to make money. This can be said. Even if you are pursuing the ceiling, I think that it will go at least 150,000 per month. I earned at least 250,000 yen per month. Aiming for the ceiling and setting)Is it possible to make money from part-time job? However, it is not easy to win. I wrote in the previous article, but the slot is absolutely necessary. If you want to do this, you will never win. However, if you can do it well, you can win the slot. Lastly, I would like to keep in mind that this article is the first time to summarize only the good points of the slot. It seems that there are manyメリットs than the benefits. The future of the slot industry has become a tough situation such as casinos and regulations. In particular, it is understood that pachinko shop is fading due to the influence of the casino. Patissro is not better to have a sense of play than making money? I’m an individual laugh) However, if you are interested in earning slots, what should you do? LOL(I think it’s amazingly cy)ATEATED POST Pachinko What is the main power of the future Pachinko new stand? Focus on light middle! March 27, 2020What is the reputation of kinnsorainfo Kinsola Information Bureau Pachinko Kikona Kashiwa Store? Signboard models, events, exchange rate, and special day explanation! 2019年6月21日What is the reputation of kinnsorainfo Kinsola Information Bureau Pachinko Marhan Isesaki? Slopro explains the selection, exchange rate, and specific date of signage models and events! February 16, 2019kinnsorainfo Kinsola Information Bureau FX Pachinko and FX have a common point! [email protected] Copyright © 2019 kinnsorainfo. All Rights Reserved