Make Money With Slots

27 This is a report that will be sent to those who want to remember. I had a so-called pachi-pro that I used to earn living expenses with slots. There was no work or byte. The hourly salary is about 2500 to 3000 yen. More efficient than making byte money. And it was a big reason to have a good melting time. It’s hard to make money with slots, and you don’t need special technology. If you are a true person, you will earn almost 100%, and you will earn more than 6 million yen per person per year. We created this report to tell you that the slot is not just fortune but a tool to make money. Take a look at the operating data of 4000 yen per hour. It is…●Easy study●管理 and financial management ability●Breaking and mental strengthThis is only. There is no difficult calculation to win with pachislo (slot). It is possible to earn tens of thousands of people for the first time by simple study. First of all, we will show your slot data. *Slot balance graph * Excel format data (download by PC) Throttle practice data is the most recent 1000 data, but the hourly salary is more than 4000 yen. You can get more than 3000 yen even if you include the travel time of Pachinko shop. It is not a difficult thing to earn 2,000 yen or more of the hourly salary with a slot. If you look at the graph in the long term, it is completely right. I can’t lose it. Slots for playing are , but slots for earning are not . It is an operation that earns 2,000 yen or more hourly salary. Do you think there are some tricks to win in slots that don’t need luck or smallwork to win? There is no such a small work. In addition, there is no way to call for good luck than anyone. In order to win, you only need to win fortune and small work. It is a straightforward way, without being fraudulent. Of course, it is necessary to have a minimum knowledge to earn with a slot, but even beginners who do not have to go to Pachinko shop can leave the results for the first time. If you run 100% of the game, you will not lose it. Is it possible to execute the problem until the end? It depends on the spirit and behavior. So I will teach you how to win the slot from tomorrow. No luck! It is not necessarily 100% win every time you want to be aware of slots to win the concept of expectation value that continues to beat the expected value plus table. The result is left and right depending on luck. However, remember that you can win a total while repeating the number of trials. There is no relationship with any person who is strong or weak. There is a thing called “expected value”. In other words, it is “ave。 value”, and if you repeat the number of trials, it will calm down inevitably. For example, there is a table with the expected value of +1000 yen in the slot. If you hit the pedestal, you can get the result of +3000 yen. +10000 yen, -8000 yen, +30000 yen However, the more you stack, the more you hit the average. It is inevitably converged, not dependent on luck. There is no luck to win in the slot. Please keep this in mind. You can feel the expected value in dice.試 the dice several times to try it out and see the average. The expected value of dice is 3.5. The average value (expected value) is 3.5 if dice is shaken several times. The average is not fixed in several trials, but if you shake hundreds of times, it will calm down to 3.5. That is, regardless of the luck, the expect value is converged. In order to win a slot that hits the expected value plus the table, I will continue to beat this expect value plus the balance table. That’s it. No matter how bad luck is, even if it is negative at first, the expectation is positive, so the total becomes positive. When you shake the dice, the first one or two is biased, but finally it will calm around 3.5? In slots, there are set-up targets that aim for high setting and G number targets such as ceiling targets, but both of them are the method of hitting the plus table that is expected. Even though the positive pattern is hitting the correct expect value plus, it is sometimes temporarily losing