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The following 86 game techniques to help you in the negotiating game gain more benefits and fragmented text organization forms in the negotiation game, so that you can supplement yourself anytime, anywhere, you have no cumbersome formulas and mathematical knowledge about the game. Explain the game skills in life.  After learning, you can use this book to help you help you say goodbye to emotional thinking and blind decision -making, cultivate strategic thinking, and expand to win.  Based on a good person, you can earn more for yourself to earn more game skills. Many things in winning and interesting life are complicated repeated games.  You need to master and combine multiple game skills to offset one -time game, incompetence game, and segmented games. Reason and savvy, you can use the game strategy to sell & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; price: ¥ 48. 00 Paper books 159 people are reading | 0Human Review 6. 8 Book & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; 1 word & nbsp; & nbsp;& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Number: 95,000 categories: Economic Management / Inspirational> Management> Commercial Communication Reminder: Digital products do not support returns, do not provide source documents, and do not support export printing to you recommend it for you recommended. Underground logic: See the Capital Capital of this world ¥ 40. 00 negotiation force ¥ 3. 99 Inspection: Art of precise observation and effective communication ¥ 23. 99 Positioning: War of the Most of the Wharton Business School of the Wharton Business School ¥ 16. 99 McKinsey Consciousness:Improvement of the ability to solve problems ¥ 38. 35 The power of negotiations: control advantage negotiation, occupy the leading right of the game ¥ 24. 00 Complete writing guide (30 years of teaching experience of Teachers of Columbia University, practical writing editions of hands, more than 200 writing templates to learn is to learn. use!) ¥ 19. 99 Introduction to the Catalog of Reading Catalog (0 Article 0) Reading Catalog CIMC Cumulative Review (0) Economist Paul Samuelson once said: “If you want to be a cultural person in modern society, you mustThere is a rough understanding of gaming theory. “Game is interactive decision -making theory, not a game, because our behavior will directly affect the opponent’s response and decision -making. If you want to benefit more on the tangible or invisible negotiating table, the practice of competing for me and winners is unreasonable, and we cannot achieve the goal.  We must learn to analyze and predict the other party’s ideas and behaviors. Find a reasonable strategy. “Game Door: Reach more 86 game skills in negotiations” adopts a deep and easy -to -understand way to explain game theory, combined with life -like cases to help readers and friends understand basic game thinking, and simple and practical ones, and simple and practical onesThe game strategy allows readers to learn to think in other ways and make rational decisions. “Game Door: Reach more 86 game skills in negotiations” adopts a deep and easy -to -understand way to explain game theory, combined with life -like cases to help readers and friends understand basic game thinking, and simple and practical ones, and simple and practical onesThe game strategy allows readers to learn to think in other ways and make rational decisions. Regarding the game, when he shared the following important content games in this book, he considers from the perspective of the opponent, and it is as important as the perspective. Sexual games, what is repeated game & lt; br / & gt; directory to start preface chapter 1 mutually beneficial and win -win: game is not a person’s game 01 | Game is interactive decision theory, do not ignore the existence of opponents 02 | Individuals make it. The best choice may destroy the overall interest 03 | Commonly abide by the rules of the game, avoid the consequences of joint betrayal 04 | Many failures are not because of being too stupid, but because of self -made clever 05 | clever use of the circle, bilateral games can become multilateral games06 | Forcing the other party to be unable to be able to do it, you will also have nothing 07 | The winner’s way of eating is irrational. Slow -walking strategy, deliberately create a duplicate game 10 | No one can live as an island, teamwork is very important 11 | When you can’t take the world alone, choose to work with your opponent to join the Chapter 2 rational thinking12 | Restracking the desire of blind obedience, soberly understand group actions 13 | Multi -person participation games, there must be institutional and moral constraints 14 | Clarify division of labor and responsibility, avoid the team’s internal consumption 15 | Try to use the price to get rid of the predicament, it will only beThe deeper and deeper 16 | Without timely stopping, the wrong behavior will be imitated.  17 | Bo Silly Games have rules.  Don’t make the last fool 18 | Break the “Bird Cage Logic” and jump out of inertia. When a complete information, it is easy to be “banded” 20 | awaken the true will, refuse to blindly obey the authority 21 | Disposal instilling a lot of information, thinking is easy to fall into chaos 22 | Delivery and effective information. Misacuity 23 | Calculating the probability with neutral thinking is an unreliable choice 24 | No choice without choice, good or bad need to compare 25 | Be alert to the rules of Ge Leixin. You can have satisfactory decisions 27 | Beware of emotional thinking, it will induce you to make a wrong judgment Chapter 3 to understand the heart of the people: the commanding height of seizing the interpersonal game 28 | Make sure the opponent’s heart pulse, let the other party follow your thinking 29 29 29 29 29| First take out a friendly attitude to affect others to make similar responses 30 | From the similarities, everything is more likely to get water 31 | No matter what happens, the smile has positive utility 32 | Feeling the facts, let the facts be allowed to make, let’s make letThe other party feels that he is very important.  33 | Make good use of the other way to think, softly let the other party put down the prejudice 34 | Learn “red and white face”, guide the other party to make the best choice 35 | ingenious with the support effect, change the opponent’s adaptation system 36 |Reward a few people, rather than all people 37 | Self -pity is the habit of human beings.  Sympathy can resolve barriers.  38 | Profitting and avoiding harm is human instinct. The manipulating “Chess piece” 39 | With the weakness of being manipulated, it is easy to lose self -control 40 | Note that there is no intention of hints, so as not to be subject to people without knowing the principle of mutual benefit, sometimes it becomes an indescribable game 42 | PoorPeople must have a terrible thing.  Beware of relying on 43 | Payment and acceptance of imbalances, the relationship will develop in a bad direction 44 | Accept the other party’s small request, often accepting greater requests 45 | When the information expression does not express the information, it is not expressed. When it is clear, facing multiple different interpretations 46 | Denestion of being degraded does not mean that you are not good.  It may be the opponent’s control strategy 47 | The manipulator will build a scene, exert the implicit utility 48 | Be alertly asymmetric game, do n’t do n’t do n’t do n’t, do n’t do n’t do n’t, do n’t do n’t do n’t, do n’t do n’t do n’t. Let yourself be reduced to “doll” 49 | Get rid of the manipulation, your life does not need unnecessary guidance Chapter 5 to make interference: use “illusion” to achieve the purpose 50 | When confrontation and differences occur, the position of the two parties cleverly swaps 51 | You take yourself yourselfWhat is shaped into, what other people will treat you as 52 | Put the attitude of the “winner”, overwhelm the opponent 53 | It shows that they do not want to achieve some purpose, let the other party put down the alert 54 | Properly satisfy the curiosity of the other party, properly to meet the curiosity of the other party, properly to satisfy the other party’s curiosity,Realizing a sense of psychological identity 55 | Give the other party’s feeling of cheapness, which is conducive to reaching cooperation 56 | It is a bit awkward, and it is easier to get the trust of the other party 57 | Make mistakes is also the way of game. The other party, interfere with the other party’s decision 59 | When you choose to take a step back, the other party will stop making CHAPTER 6 communication: Winning recognition, effectively persuading the other party 60 | stimulating the other party’s care, prompting them to automatically make changes 61 | MoreSay “we” to say “I” less, give full play to your own effect 62 | A strong question, better than ten eloquent expressions 63 | First recognize each other’s ideas, then euphemistically express different opinions 64 | Use the other party’s spearPoke the opponent’s shield, you can refute 65 | Properly create a “threat” of goodwill, enhance persuasive effect 66 | Moving the other party with true feelings will increase the probability of success. | When confronting the other party, use silence to make it feel stress 69 | Precise data is the most intuitive, and it also makes the other party unable to defend the Chapter 7 ingenious strategy: meet the narrow road, the technical tall will win 70 | Eggs touch the stones. Skills 71 | Come out of the unwillingness, so that the other party feels psychologically upset 72 reasonable use of time resources, get greater advantages in the game 73 | Next ultimatumThe cost of making confrontation 75 | Using the order of the game, creating a chance to win for yourself 76 | You don’t have to die with the shortcomings, you can maximize the advantage 77 | Maintain the attitude of listeningWhen buying shoes, borrowing shoes is much better than walking barefoot 79 | Timely adjustments and changes to disrupt each other’s deployment 80 | The drunkard is not wine. A kind of winning 81 | compromise does not mean giving up, but to better move forward 82 | Don’t be reluctant when you should give up. Perseverance, it is not always bad things to be abolished halfway 85 | Do n’t hesitate when you have to choose it.  If you lose your car, you caught the water.  86 | It is difficult to collect it. 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