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Subscription to Singapore International & Free Registration of the New Daily News Club Electronic News & Electronics & Scrolls & Scrolls & Scrolls & Scrolls & Keywords & News & Instant Singapore China Southeast Asia Finance & Singapore Stock & Market Finance & Global Economy China Investment & Property US Stock & Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises & & Medium Enterprises & Start Innovation & Statement of Financial Persons & Speeching, Journalistics & Journalistics & Music & Stars & Videos & Music & Music & Han Flow & Hot Gate Food & Specials & Life @ Generation Life & Life & Culture & Arts & Human History & Cars & Cars & Heart Business & Me & Co. Design Design & Home & Special Series & Lives & Lives & Lives & Lives Lives & Lives Lives & Lives & Lives & Lives & Lives The group was suspected of laundering a total of HK$ 300 million (approximately $NZ 52 million) between October and July of last year, as reported by the Star Island Daily on Thursday (31 August). The Hong Kong Police Science and Technology Crime Unit, Police Chief Gordy, described a local criminal group that had been operating a 24-hour, 24-hour online gambling platform since March of last year, which allowed gamblers to place their bets through web pages or mobile phone applications, illegally take bets and collect commissions. The police described the group as using different social platforms, using short- and mobile phone communication applications to proactively promote and use commissions to encourage gamblers to invite friends to register gambling. Gamblers can charge points by moving fast or by encrypting money, which can then be used for a variety of gambling activities. After an in-depth investigation by the police, it was found that the criminal group had a clear structure and division of labour, and that the group was responsible for recruiting personnel for different positions, including management procedures and websites, client services, specialized exchange points and specialized personnel to handle the benefits of crime. Criminal groups also store servers of online gambling platforms abroad in an attempt to evade police tracking. According to the police, the group has at least seven operational positions throughout the territory, each of which has its own independent functions, such as the provision of customer services, technical support, the reconciliation of points of exchange, and the processing of criminal gain. The police assessed that the online gambling platform received a total of more than HK$ 26 million per month. On 30 and 31 August, after having identified the persons and locations involved, the police carried out an arrest operation to break up seven of the group’s operating centres and arrested 21 men and 21 women on charges of “collaborating to collect bets” and “collaborating to launder money”, including members of the group’s brains and bones, as well as holders of the accounts of some puppet banks. The arrested persons are between 18 and 60 years of age, and all are still under investigation. The police, through the proxy bank accounts under the control of a criminal group, found that between October 2022 and July of this year, the group had laundered almost HK$ 300 million in suspected criminal gain. At the same time, 69 computers, 240 mobile telephones and two devices, commonly known as “cat pools”, were seized. LIKE our official Facebook page to get more new information & nbsp; hot words, Hong Kong, online gambling, will the building be “spicy” again if it increases so much? 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