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*We are unable to accept consultations and requests for those who are related to gangsters or who have been involved in the past. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. This is called online casino and online casino. The casino is a place where you play money games such as playing cards games and slots, and if you win, you will be more money, and if you are negative, you will lose money. The casino is a行為 act (*), and since賭 is prohibited in Japan, it is a problem that if you use an online casino (Online Casino), you will not be問ed. * Gam acts refer to the fact that the goods (e.g. money) are used for accidental reasons and the conflict of victory. If you are using a Japanese online casino (Online Casino), you are not allowed to operate online casinos (Online Casinos) that make money. It is illegal to participate in such illegal online casinos as customers (players). ・The organizers of the online casino are図s (186 186-1 of the penalty law, paragraph 2 of Article 186-2, March or more), and the customer is a simple博 (185 185,500,000 yen or less). What happens if the customer uses an illegal overseas online casino (オンラインカジノ online casino) when using an online casino abroad? There is an online casino for Japanese people on overseas sites. Cri law is a crime that penalizes賭 openings in Japan. Therefore, if the operation of these sites is carried out overseas, the site operator does not have a図 opening chart interest. However, it is not necessary that the customer (player) does not have a simple and regular . Simple and regular are only stipulated to be punished by the賭. As a customer (player), the use of an overseas online casino (Online Casino) is considered to be a “betting” and the simple。 and regular。 can be established. If you look at the past examples, you will find an example of an abbreviated fine or an inappropriate case. The key here is that it is wrong to understand that using overseas online casinos (Online Casinos) is。ous because there is a case that has been inappropriate. An abbreviation fine is a judgement of guilty by the judge simply to simplify the procedure. Even if the prosecutor asks for an abbreviational fine, if there is any doubt about whether the crime is established, it will not be abbreviational fine and will be a formal court. The abbreviation order is a predecessor, and in this sense there is no difference from the formal court. Abbreviational fine means that the action of the customer (player) using an international online casino (オンラインカジノo online casino) isあた from simple博 or regular習. What to do if you have賭 at a casino in Japan? What should I do if I賭? Even in Japan, there is a number of people who have賭 at online casinos. Also, there are illegal casinos called black casinos and back casinos in Japan. Therefore, it is difficult to think that all of the general customers (players) using the casino are subject to investigation immediately. However, the operation itself is illegal for online casinos operated in Japan and black casinos at real stores