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Yahoo! News Japan HelpMy PagePurchase HistoryTop BulletinLive ExpertOriginal Everyone’s Opinion Ranking Paid Major の International Economic EntertainmentSportsIT ScienceLife AreaTopicsNow JavaScript is disabled Yahoo! Please enable JavaScript in order to use all functions of the news. How to change the setting of JavaScript is here “Too gray” online casino contaminates the martial arts field “Who is the negligence of the negligence?”10/15 (Sun) 17:1291Comments91Comments©AFLO In April last year, “4,660,000 yen negligence remittance” incident in Abu-cho, Yamaguchi Prefecture,山 interest in Japan. Of course, the extraordinary special benefits of 100,000 yen per residents were from Abu-cho, which was buzzed on an account of a young man, but the more problem was that the young people used the big money that was romally deposited 6306 million yen as an online casino. [Image] The actual picture that Mr. Sho Taguchi appeared on Hikaru’s YouTube is because online casinos are illegal in Japan. This is because it was a big fuss in the neighborhood. Again, online casinos are illegal in Japan, and then, after the appearance of a video of “significant” YouTuber Hikaru, this 4,630 million men reported that he is working at Hikaru’s company. Who is wrong with leaving him in Shava? On the other hand, this 4,630 million yen that should be used at online casinos was “finished” through some of the routes to Abu town. Who, why? In the first place, it is said that it is an abnormality to distribute video on Hikaru’s YouTube, because it is famous for the dividing of the person who committed crime. What kind of connection is there? In September of this year, the operator of the YouTuber “ch before bed” was arrested. The operator of this video channel was about 30 million yen including compensation and video distribution income in the form of an online casino company advertising agency. Until the middle, there are times when online casino entanglement was very good. On the other hand, attention has been集まり to have been arrested in suspicion of regular習 rather than just helping illegal行為. Online casinos are illegal in Japan. In addition to the operator operating this service, the payment agent responsible for the deposit and withdrawal of this service, the operator operating an affiliate or advertising site, and the online casino user is also involved in illegal博. On September 27th, the person who operated “Sumo Pay” was picked up. After the start of business in June 2020, you can see a total of 40,000 registered users, a total of 6 billion yen or more, and a profit of about 2 billion yen. It is said that payment agency to online casino is roughly earned, and the considerable amount of sales is obtained by affiliate income from overseas online casino companies. In spite of the situations around Smopay, we are not aware of what kind of prosecution and public prosecution will happen in the future, but we are focused on whether the substantial owner of these illegal services will be able to identify who was. Next page:An issuer information exchange is always on 1234Next 1/4 page [Re、 article] [Image] “4630 million man” Mr. Taguchi Sho appeared on Hikaru’s YouTube [Image] Mr. Nobuyuki Sakakibara, who is the representative of Rizzin, “4630 million man” Mr. Taguchi Sho contributed greatly to the counter、 of financial crime “What is it?” “4630 million men” 9 percent recovery from Nakayama Lawyer’s “Demon” and what was a sago, “1 million yen in one night” : 1 million yen, “normally unchanging”