17 Game skills

cmn_Hans 掌握 The template Infobox settlement is being considered for merging. ¥cmn_Hans 38.35 A complete writing guide (a 30-year teaching experience hammered by Columbia University teachers, a eponymous epoch of human hands, with more than 200 writing templates ready to be used!) →19.99 Book Profile Directory Cumulative Review (0 Article) Book Profile Directory Cumulative Review (0 Article) Economist Paul Samuelson once said: “If you want to be a cultured person in modern society, you must have a general understanding of the game theory.” cmn_Hans Game is an interactive decision-making theory, not a human game, because our actions directly affect each other’s response and decision-making. cmn_Hans If you want to benefit more at a negotiating table, tangible or intangible, you don’t have reason and can’t achieve what you’re trying to win, and we want to learn to analyze and predict each other’s ideas and behaviors and find rational strategies in complex situations. 《cmn_Hans 《 The Game Door: Harvesting More 86 Game Skills in Negotiations uses a shallow, comprehensible way to elaborate on the game theory, combining living cases, helping readers’ friends to understand basic game thinking, and simple practical game strategies that allow readers to learn to think and make rational decisions. &cmn_Hans & < br/ > [Recommended language] < br/ > the book has the following 86 gaming techniques that help the good introverts organize text that allows you to reap more benefits and dignity fragmentation in a negotiating game, so that you can at any time supplement yourself with a knowledge of gaming without cumbersome formulas and mathematical knowledge, life-oriented talk about gaming techniques, and a book can help you use it to help you say goodbye thinking and blind decision-making, foster strategic thinking and expand the winning face on the basis of being a good person, and many things in your life are complex repetitions by mastering gaming skills