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The Hong Kong Police Science and Technology Crime Unit Police Chief Gordy described a local criminal group that had been operating a 24-hour, unbroken online gaming platform since March of last year, where gamblers were betted through a web page or mobile phone application, illegally receiving bets and collecting commissions. cmn_Hans The police described the group as using various social platforms to proactively promote, using SMS and mobile communication applications, using commissions to encourage gamblers to invite friends to register gambling. cmn_Hans A gambler can charge points by turning them fast or encrypted currency, and then use them for a variety of gaming activities. After an in-depth police investigation, it was found that the criminal group had a clear structure and division of labour, and that the group was responsible for recruiting personnel for various positions, including management procedures and websites, customer services, specialized exchange points and specialized personnel to handle the benefits of crime. cmn_Hans Criminal groups also store servers of online gaming platforms overseas in an attempt to escape police tracking. cmn_Hans The police described the group as having at least seven operating positions throughout the multi-district of the port, each with its own separate functions such as providing customer services, technical support, checking points for conversion, and handling the benefits of crime. cmn_Hans Police assessed that the online gaming platform received a total of over HK$26 million per month. On 30 and 31 August, the police, after locking up the persons and locations involved, launched an arrest operation to break up seven of the group’s operating centres and arrest a total of 21 men and 21 women, including members of the group’s head and backbone, as well as the holders of a number of puppet bank accounts, on charges of “symphony for gambling” and “symphony for money”. cmn_Hans The arrested person is between the ages of 18 and 60, and all are still being held under investigation. cmn_Hans The police discovered through the puppet bank accounts controlled by criminal groups that between October 2022 and July this year, the group purged a total of nearly HK$300 million of suspected criminal gain. Police also seized 69 computers, 240 mobile phones and two devices that could send a large number of short messages, commonly known as “cat pools”. 请cmn_Hans LIKE’s official Facebook page to get more new information & nbsp; hot words Hong Kong online gambling Two Hong Kong investments are illegal in Korea or face a record fine Tai Minister of Transport: Continental tourists are on their way to Singapore at the latest next year for an extension 2% drop in the size of the local bond market 26 minutes ago 2022 local bond market 2% Chinese 27 minutes ago two Hong Kongs were illegally in South Korea or were fined internationally 30 minutes ago the Indonesian court ruled that the minimum age of a candidate was still standing 33 minutes before Singapore’s new medical cooperation was being further strengthened in Singapore 54 minutes before the news China 7 minutes before the bus crash 10 minutes ago: Continental tourists were on their way to Singapore 23 minutes before they went back to Singapore 20 minutes ago, 23 minutes before the local bond market dropped 2%, China 27 minutes before the Hong Kong was illegally in South Korea or received a record fine, and two minutes before the Indonesian court ruled that the minimum age was set to remain unchanged in Singapore 33 minutes before a new drug cooperation broke 10 minutes ago China 20 minutes ago: 23 December 23 December, 23 December 23 December, a day visit to Singapore’s