13 Make Money With Slots

Become a reader Pachinko industry today’s slot industry What is the current Pachinko industry situation? Can you really earn money in the slot vice? Talk to a chat. This advertisement is displayed on a blog that has not been updated for more than 90 days. 2019-10-26 A friend who was able to win in slots became a neighbourhood. Repetition of university, part-time job, slot and drink. At that time, I thought that “the slot is a win, and the best fun” (but still the slot is fun), and my friend took care of the slot. At that time, it was almost set only, and it was挙 about 2 million yen a year. The main model I started is “Evangelion to you” I think that the setting aim at that time was “I can win if I hit the large body Eva” (I think according to the shop), I was able to win it even after I started. After that, the ART machine became main, and the era of Eva told the end, but it was still a win. 2 people who have been teaching slots and hitting together. There were several other people, but two people were doing it. First, one of them dies. I had a part-time job, but I was trying to make money with only slots, so I had a slot for a long time. I think I’ve been playing slots almost every day, and maybe I’m going to win more than double. After graduating from university, he worked for a job, but he said that the time to hit the slot decreases, the more the money to hit the slot. I became a jobless.専aking of slots, you can hear a good word, but it is no job. I’m not a job. The act of winning a slot is not contributing to anything. I think that all work is giving others something instead of money in the form of something. Winning in slots is not making everyone happy in exchange for increasing their money. It is rather overwhelming with other shops. A shop that provides a play called a slot and gives money to the price of the play. A user who enjoys playing slots and pays money to the price of the play. None Another friend did not find a job. After graduation, he has been in contact with the local army group, and he has been working as a Slopro. I have a long relationship with him. When talking with him, no other than slots. There is no constructive story. He said that he would die right after the gold disappeared. It was empty. After I started working in the pachinko industry, I consulted that the subordinates of one person have a problem with gold, so I taught slots with a light feeling. I thought the response was better than I thought, so I decided to try it a little bit. He taught his knowledge to win. Then, both of us do their work. One entered the army group and one entered the army group, but he escaped the gold. There was a chance to speak with him, but he said, “No one is a reliable friend.” He was also emptied to carry a car on a private slot or a gamen. I’m not going to criticize how to make money on a different slot. If you are living, I think you should like it. However, it is not possible to try the slot to someone after it. All of the people who taught me have stopped working. Only me left. The pachinko industry has already seen pachinko. Many shops are working to build management pillars in different industries. It is recommended that people who have won pachinko and slots from now on keep them down by side business. Even if you are unemp ed, it is better to think about what to do to save money. In this blog, I will introduce how to win by side business, but it is not recommended to do it in full-time. mikumax 2019-10-26 23:42 An article that hides 2019-10-28 Do you win the slot as a sub-operation in the era of the present? The way to win the slot from the age of the sixth to one will change with the times. When I work… 2019-10-25 The machine is forced to stop. Police have been moving in earnest. In Yokohama slot specialty store, I used a sampling and setting 6 about the status of pachinko with setting … 2019-10-24. However, only professional 2019-10-