11 Make Money With Slots

copyright © 2019. all rights reserved. it’s because i don’t want to worry about money when i hit the slot. today, i will explain why i need to make money on a slot. i’d like to make the slot a side job with money. it is a must-see. contents (click to jump to the spot) 1スロット melted 1.5 million savings in slots 2 things that i noticed in the salary man era 3 need capital and society to be happy 4 let’s solve money troubles i dissolved 1.5 million yen in a slot. when i met a slot in the student era, i didn’t think about the strategy that i can win, so i chose a table in the mood of the day, so i lost all 1.5 million yen. there is no money because i melted all the money to save it by byte. i couldn’t buy it at a convenience store, i didn’t want to buy aデート machine, i didn’t want to buy it, i didn’t want to get a date with her. i didn’t have money to play with my friend. i didn’t have to go to a pub, i didn’t think of traveling. there were a lot of things that i wanted to do if i had money, but i lost my slots, which greatly reduced my choice. in this case, my life was fun. even if you don’t have money, you’ll have to go with a bet, crush time with old games at home, and read the comics you’ve read over and over again. i had to waste my life because there was no money. so i don’t want to lose my money in slots anymore, and i don’t like to worry about money. therefore, i mastered the expectation value of the slot in order to cancel the problem. as a result, i was able to cancel my money trouble because the slot was defeated. i noticed that i was in the sallyman era, so i was not a salaried man, but when i was doing a salaried man for seven years, i realized that the world is a capitalism. well, because it was a natural thing, i was able to enjoy it. most people in the world have a lot of money, and people who don’t have money will have a lot of money. of course, there are lots of happiness and money. there is also the theory that “i’m happy without money!” i know that i had a very poor life, but the money is necessary. in theory, i think “happiness can be bought by money” the goodness of the head and the social status are determined by the money. actually, when i was drinking at a local friend and izakaya in the past, everyone was promoted in the workplace, paid up, became a store manager, or became a manager, and my friends around me became social status. i was re- ing 3 times. when i was a black company, the position at the company was the bottom. we are a company that doesn’t have new people, and we were always able to become a senior citizen, have a person’s failure, or have a very good environment. in the environment of the city, there was a feeling that everyone is putting a little bit on the talk of friends around. it is a thing that is because it is a capitalism in the world. however, i learned the skills that i earned in the slots as well. so, even though i had a salaried man, i worked a little after work, and i earned about 100,000 to 200,000 yen a month. the salary was about 60,000 yen, and the income was about 26 to 36 million yen. if this is socialism or communist, i don’t want to make money on a slot. if you do that, you should be acting to be a person who is interested in communication and everyone who meets. in today’s japan, ism, and the world